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TV Serials :
PARIVARTAN : A revolutionary serial exposes the various problems faced by the villagers and reforms like education to girl child, medical facilities etc.

NANHI UDAAN : A TV serial on children aiding them to choose their future career.

CHOBOLI : A TV serial on the very interesting folk tales of Rajasthan.

TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR : Episode serial for Doordarshan, based on Children of Kashmir, allotting them a platform and tell about their specialties, their tastes, their hobbies & the memories of their motherland (Home Town).

KAMINII KANCHAN KAYA : A 5 Episode serial for Doordarsan based on Women Diseases.
Tele Films / Featurettes :
AULAAD : A film on 35 mm for Ministry of Health & Family Welfare educating people for one child instead of big family.

AAJ KI PUKAR : A 35 mm feature film through Films Divisions, Bombay for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, covering health, hygiene, child care, spacing and nutritious diet to mother.

BHOR BHAI : A 35 mm featurette for 20 minutes duration through Films Division, Bombay for Ministry of Welfare. This film is made to motivate blinds for their future carrier.

MUSKURAHAT HAMESHA : A 35 mm feature film through Films Divisions, Bombay for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, on the subject of NO SCALPAL VESCOTOMY.
Docdmentary Films :
Short Films / Ad Films :
SAPNAUN KI MAUT : Based on anti-drug giving lesson to the students that they ruin not only their career, but also their lives by taking drugs.

BETI BAHU : A realization to a mother-in-law for daughter-in-law that a pinch to kill daughter and daughter-in-law has to be the same.

ADHKHILE PHOOL : Anti-child labour. Labor Inspector to stop the misuse of child labor for small jobs at the site of the construction.

ANSOON KI MUSKAN : Based on birth of a girl child.

ADHKHILI MUSKAN : Based on child marriage.

SHORE (POLLUTION) : Based on noise Pollution

ANDHERE RASTE : Based on drug

JUVENILE DIABETIES : Awareness to children regarding diabetes

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